Kush Crate Grande

Kush Crate

Blunt Wraps, Papers, Grinders, and Pipes Assortment Packackage.
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Odds 1:200

Assorted Bud

7 Gram Bud Assortment

Enjoy Jar, and 7 Grams of an Assortment of Premium Bud and more.

Odds 1:800

Cannabis Cup Tickets

VIP Cannabis Cup Tickets

Super VIP Cannabis Cup entry & special access for you and a friend.
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Odds 1:2000

What is the THC Lottery?

The THC Lottery is a marijuana sweepstakes. Participants submit and confirm their phone number and email address to enter to play. The THC Lottery holds a random drawing once per week every Friday. Winning participants will recieve free AAA grade cannabis or marijuana related goods and services. All participants are entered to win marijuana goods and services from our affiliates and sponsors. Participants can select which category they would like to play in. Depending on the odds of the category the participants selected determines the odds of them winning that prize. Participants will be contacted via sms text message and email upon winning the weekly sweepstakes drawing.

How do I play?

Enter your phone number and email address and confirm them to enter into the THC Lottery to win cannabis products for life and recieve free promotions for marijuana related goods and services from our affliates.

What are the rules?

  1. 1. You must agree to our terms & game rules then submit your phone number and email. Once you have submited your information you must then confirm them by responding to the text and email.

  2. 2. Your THC Lottery entry remains active in our “Pot” even after you WIN!
    Unless you opt out of the THC Lottery.

  3. 3. Once you win, your will be sent the prize from the category you selected!

  4. 4. A drawing is pulled from the "Pot" every week. Depending on the odds of the payout you selected your number will appear in the "Pot" as many times as it takes to make the odds equal to the odds associated with the category payout you selected.

  5. 5. You must be a valid citizen of the United States, you must reside in California and have a California identification card or drivers license.

  6. 6. You Must be at least 21 years of age or older.

What are the odds of winning?

When you enter you can select which prize category you would like to play in. Depending on the category you select determines the odds of you winning that prize.

  • -Top Shelf Kush Crate : 1 / 200
  • -7 Gram Bud Assortment : 1 / 800
  • -VIP Cannabis Cup Tickets : 1 / 2000

No matter which prize category you select you will be eligble to win marijuana related products and services from our sponsors and affiliates. The odds of winning these prizes change and depend on our sponsors.

These odds are estimates only. The odds of winning depend on the number of entires recieved.

How can I increase my odds?

You can increase your odds with every person that enters the THC Lottery that you refer with the refferal link. Post your refferal link on facebook to increase your odds of winning.

How often are drawings?

Once per week.

Can I opt out at anytime?

Of Course. You can reply STOP to stop recieving text messages. You can click the un-subscribe link at the bottom of a email to stop recieving emails. Alternativily you can email us at stop@thclottery.com with your contact information and we will remove you from our list and take you out of the THC Lottery drawings.

What is my information used for?

You will recieve SMS & MMS text message and email promotional offers from our affiliate vendors in the marijuana industry. You can opt out of these messsages at anytime but it will remove you from the THC Lottery drawings.

Who is my information shared with?

Your information is only shared within our organizations and will not be transfered to 3rd parties without your consent. You will recieve promotional offers from our affiliates but they do not have access to your information unless you respond to their offers and provide your information. We do not sell or share your information with anyone outside of our organization for any purposes. We only use your information for contacting you about your winnings at thclottery.com or for sending you promotional offers from our affilates in the marijuana industry.

How are you funded?

We are funded by our sponsor sms420.com. By agreeing to our terms & game rules you will recieve promotions from vendors in the marijuana industry who in turn fund our prizes and give aways.

How long is the sweepstakes?

THCLottery renews it's sweepstakes every week. Your entry enters you in all following sweepstakes. THCLottery.com reserves the right to change the terms & game rules at the end of every sweepstake week. Every sweepstake week begins and ends on Friday.

Do I have to pay anything?

No. This is a free program availble to anyone over the age of 21 who is a United States citizen with a Califorinia identification. All are permited to enter to play at no cost. *No purchase or payment is necessary to enter or win.*

Who can I contact with questions?